5 Best Mobile Screen Cleaner

best mobile screen cleaner

Ever since the current pandemic hit us, we have been busy washing our hands again and again and again. But we completely overlook cleaning that one surface that we touch the most; our smartphone screens!!

Our obsession with our touchscreens is no secret anymore. Be it working, traveling, eating or sleeping; we constantly touch our phones or tablet screens and completely forget or overlook that these have become the new breeding grounds for bacteria. Bacteria and germs multiply exponentially on these high touch surfaces and can lead to numerous problems and infections spreading between users. 

Taking right care of our gadgets and devices is as important as sanitising our hands or clothes. But, how do we actually clean our gadgets? 

Modern screens and gadgets are designed with a special coating, which easily gets damaged with regular water based cleaning. We need professional mobile cleaners or screen cleaning kits that not just protects the screen from damage but also wipes off all bacteria and germs.

Best mobile screen cleaner available in India

If you are looking for safe and effective mobile cleaners or screen cleaning solutions; we recommend these affordable and premium quality products. Be it dust, germs, stains or smudges; these screen cleaners will not only clean your devices but also increase their clarity after usage.

Portronics Universal Screen Cleaner for Laptops, Mobiles

Portonics Universal screen cleaner is a 2 in 1 cleaner for electronic screens and keyboard with Oleophobic coating protection. This attractive little spray-and-swipe mini duster is great for cleaning various gadgets such as computers, laptops, mobiles, LCD screens, LED-TV Screens and keyboards. It is made of Nifty microfibers which easily clear away germs, dirt, dust and fingerprints from screens and gadgets.

Designed keeping portability in mind, it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. Swipe is free from any alcohol, ammonia or harmful chemicals and is environment friendly. Now you don’t have to worry about the smudges on your phone; all you need is a few whiffs and swipes to get back your sparkling clean device instantly.

Gizga Essentials Professional Cleaning Kit with Micro-Fiber Cloth

Be it your mobiles, laptops, TV screens or cameras, lenses and binoculars; Gizga Essentials cleaning kit is composed of carefully selected tools and materials to clean your device safely and effectively. The Gizga essentials is a professional cleaning kit for all your tablets, mobiles, DSLR, camera lenses, monitors or even glasses. It easily cleans dirt and dust and effectively removes smudges and fingerprints from the surface.

The two piece cleaning kit comprises of a micro fibre cloth and a cleaning gel which is non-alcohol based and acetone free. The cleaning cloth is made up of extremely fine microfiber particle that leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks on your devices. It absorbs stubborn stains and does not create any decolourisation or fibre shedding. A great option for your sensitive devices; this cleaning kit will provide the perfect anti-static, streak-free shine to your device.

RiaTech 2 in 1 Screen Cleaning Kit for Laptops,Mobiles

Ria Tech cleaning combo comprises of a non-aerosol cleaner and high quality microfiber cloth. The cleaning kit is best suitable for flat panel displays, notebook computers or any handheld devices. The cloth is made of durable, fine microfiber that cleans your device without scuffing or scratching. The fabric is reusable and is suitable for machine wash. It is lint free and does not cause any mark, scratch or streak on usage. It simply cleans and polishes for a non-streak finish and helps maintain brightness and clarity of the screen.

The cleaning gel is free of any alcohol, ammonia or phosphate and is non-toxic. It works with all screen protectors and removes fingerprints and smudges without any harsh solvent. All you need is just one spray to the microfiber cloth and gently wipe away all fingerprints, smudge marks, germs, bacteria, dirt and dust particles.

Darix Screen Cleaner Kit for LED and LCD Screens

Darix multipurpose kit comprises of a non-alcohol, acetone free gel and a micro fibre cloth. Made with special high technology process, the fibre cloth is extremely fine and completely compatible with various kinds of screens. The liquid gel is made of organic extracts which diminishes any abrasive effects. Unlike other liquids, this non-drip gel does not flow in to the gaps and is therefore easier to use.

Using the combo does not hurt the screen coat and is therefore a specialized cleaner for the cleaning of all types of TFT display screen, Notebook screen, PDA screen or Printer screen. It easily wipes off any residue finger prints, dirt, dust or stains and causes no scratch or track marks. If you are looking for a kit that is especially made for your delicate TV or monitor screens, this is a great specialised option.

Solo Twin Clean (Screen Cleaner + Wonder Cloth + Brush)

The solo twin clean combo comprises of a cleaning liquid, fibre cloth and a cleaning brush. The wash cloth and the soft cleaning brush are manufactured to provide lint and scratch free cleaning to your gadget screens. The cleaning fluid is deionised water with special anti-static free agents that provide a static free shine to your devices. It is clear and odourless and contains no alcohol, ammonia or vinegar.

The wonder cloth is made of microfilament fibre and the cleaning brush is made of soft bristles; made to provide a scratch free cleaning to your screen surface. The fabric is washable and suitable for dry and wet use. This kit is ideally suitable for all smartphones, laptop or TV screens and even your delicate glasses or camera lenses.

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We can no more neglect our need for screen cleaners.  Cleaning your mobiles and screens is equally necessary to prevent germs from spreading. These unclean surfaces can cause infections or health concerns, especially in the kids who are more vulnerable and sensitive. If you haven’t cleaned your mobile phones and TV screens in a while; it’s time to buy some screen cleaner right away.