7 Affordable Bamboo Products for Sustainable Living

bamboo products

We all talk about being sustainable and environment friendly; how our planet is crumbling day by day; and how we need to switch to eco-friendly practices. Environmental pollution is increasing everyday, tonnes of plastic waste are being dumped into landfills and water bodies, and marine life is getting extinct with the passing minute.

Now you might ask, what am I supposed to do with this?

Well, you may think that you are too small to make a positive impact. But the thing is, we all belong here and we all matter. Each one of us is contributing towards environmental pollution, one way or another. And therefore it is only upto us, each one of us, to make the right choices.

Being eco-friendly or environmentally conscious doesn’t require a lot of money or time. Fact is, there are many eco-friendly products and sustainable materials, which can easily create a significant change in our daily environmental impact.

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What makes Bamboo products eco-friendly?

Bamboo is rapidly replacing various building materials because of its sustainable properties and versatile characteristics. More and more innovative designs are being created around it and it is being hailed as the most renewable material in the world. Here’s why.

Bamboo fights pollution like no other tree. It generates 30% more oxygen and absorbs twice more carbon dioxide than other plants. It requires no harmful pesticides or chemicals to grow. Instead, it is amongst the very few, that can easily thrive and grow in infertile lands and regenerate the top soil when its leaves decompose. Bamboo harvesting also doesn’t require heavy machinery, and is thus a less polluting process.

Bamboo products are a great sustainable alternative to hardwood products, as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant. Bamboo forests are easy to thrive as they are more compact in size and need lesser time to flourish. Certain species of bamboo grow to full size within 3-4 months whereas fully grown bamboo is cut at the base, so that it can easily regrow again later, leading to no soil erosion or deforestation.

Bamboo is stronger than the toughest hardwood and yet an extremely lightweight material which is why it is actively being used in the construction industry. Moreover bamboo products are naturally biodegradable and can be easily composted after use, unlike plastic waste which takes years to decompose.

Favourite Bamboo products

Bamboo products are a great alternative that can easily replace many unsustainable items that we use daily or most frequently. Here are our favourite eco-friendly bamboo products that can easily make the switch in every household.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months or so. Have you ever wondered how many toothbrushes one individual uses in their entire lifetime? Eco friendly bamboo products are growing popular and rightly so; we desperately need to minimise our plastic product consumption rate. Plastic brushes end up in the oceans destroying marine lives for decades. Bamboo brushes, on the contrary, just take 6 months to disintegrate and still clean your teeth just like its plastic counterpart.

Rusabl Bamboo biodegradable Toothbrush

Rusabl Bamboo Toothbrush is made from Moso Bamboo, which is also one of the fastest growing plants; regrowing by the time you dispose your bamboo toothbrush. This pack of 4 adult bamboo toothbrushes comes with a distinct minimal design on each brush. The toothbrush comes with charcoal infused bristles that help in better whitening, fights plaque and bacteria, and prevents foul breath. Apart from providing better oral health, Rusabl brushes are naturally antibacterial and biodegradable. It also comes with a sleek water resistant handle that ensures longer life and a comfortable grip.

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Bamboo Facial Tissue

Single use facial tissues end up in the landfills for years, until they decompose; creating toxic gases during the entire process. Be it virgin or recycled paper pulp, facial tissues are made of trees; and every year giant number of trees is cut down to fulfil the demand. But facial tissues or towels are an everyday necessity. Is there an alternative?

Yes! Bamboo products are renewable and environment friendly; which makes bamboo facial tissues a more sustainable option. They can be easily composted and are naturally biodegradable. Moreover they are better for the skin as bamboo is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and more absorbent.

Beco Eco Friendly Bambooee Natural Facial Tissue Carbox

These facial tissues from Beco are made of 100% virgin bamboo pulp and contains no parabens, fragrance, BPA or chlorine. Made of pure bamboo, the tissues are slightly brown in colour as they are not bleached. Bamboo tissues absorb dirt and impurities from your face and its porous quality makes it easy on the skin.

These facial tissues have a very soft texture and are highly absorbent and hypoallergenic, making them appropriate for personal skin care or baby care. Each tissue comprises of strong 2 ply premium quality and is completely compostable in nature. They easily biodegrade in soil within 2-6 months and contain no toxic elements.

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Bamboo Toilet Paper

Have you ever thought how many acres of forests get flushed down the drain every year? We all claim to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious but completely forget about the toilet paper usage that forces felling thousands of trees, every year. Moreover, the issue here is not just chopped forests, but also the amount of chemicals used and the carbon footprint it creates, during the manufacturing process.

Bamboo toilet paper is a great alternative to this global issue. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant, which uses way lesser space to grow equivalent amount of hardwood trees for toilet paper manufacture. Bamboo paper is softer than recycled toilet paper and more absorbent and comfortable. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, chlorine, fragrance or dyes. Moreover bamboo doesn’t require any harmful chemical or pesticide during its growth, reducing further the environmental damage.

Beco Eco Friendly Tissue Roll/ Toilet Tissue Paper

Beco tissue roll is made of 100% organic bamboo and is completely free of any parabens, fragrance, BPA or chlorine. These bamboo toilet rolls are highly absorbent and hypoallergenic, thus causing no skin rashes.

This bamboo product is slightly brown in colour as it is made of pure bamboo and the paper or fibre is not bleached at all. The 3 ply quality of the roll ensures better usage and thus, these last longer than a regular paper tissue roll. Each roll contains 220 pulls each and is completely environment friendly and compostable in nature. They easily biodegrade in soil within 2-6 months and contain no toxic elements.

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Bamboo Diapers

Do you know that a standard single use diaper takes around 500 years to decompose in a landfill, apart from creating toxic gases during the process! And if you consider the number of diapers a baby consumes every year, you will be shocked to realise the kind of waste diapers create. But then what can one do?

What you can do is switch to 100% biodegradable bamboo diapers that actually absorb more than cotton. Bamboo diapers are amongst the most innovative bamboo products in the market. Bamboo fabric is highly absorbent and extremely soft, keeping the baby dry and comfortable throughout the day. Bamboo diaper is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, keeping baby bums free of rashes and allergies. Bamboo fabric is actually more breathable than cotton and is therefore great for babies who are sensitive to synthetic material.

Allter Natural Bamboo Diapers

Allter Natural Bamboo Diapers is made of 100% certified organic bamboo with no fragrance, chemicals or dye used. These diapers are made with super soft top sheet, especially designed for sensitive baby skin. It also comes with a wetness indicator and is super-thin, making it a perfect overnight diaper.

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Bamboo Straws

Research states that over 800 million plastic straws are used every day, around the world. And almost half of them end up in the oceans, killing thousands of fishes and turtles each year. Choosing a reusable bamboo straw is not just a great boon for the planet but is visually more attractive and great for your pocket in the long run. Bamboo straws are completely organic and chemical free, giving them an edge over paper, metal or glass straws. Moreover, apart from being biodegradable and sustainable, bamboo straws are antibacterial, reusable and very easy to clean.

Ida Yog Neer Reusable Bamboo Straws

The Ida Yog Neer reusable bamboo straws are a great addition for your daily travel pack. It comes in a pack of five straws alongwith a cleaning brush. Each straw is unique with a distinct colour, texture, thickness and diameter. No harmful chemicals are used in the making of these straws and they are completely odourless and tasteless.

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Bamboo Water Bottle

We are already aware of the harmful effects plastic water bottles have on us and our planet, and are therefore consciously switching to better alternatives such as glass, brass, copper, terracotta etc. Plastic water bottles not just take a great amount of years in decomposing but often also contain toxins from the plastic. 90% of plastic water bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills, oceans and water bodies, creating a hazardous impact on environmental damage.

On similar lines, bamboo wood is being used to create water bottles that are completely organic and leak-free. These bottles have no harmful chemical or metallic substances that can make water unsafe. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and thus destroys harmful bacteria, enhancing a person’s immunity. The best part is that it has an increased shelf life with no scope of breaking, damage or getting rust.  

Bamboo Nation Bamboo Water Bottle

These organic water bottles from Bamboo Nation are carved out of real bamboo grass/stem of Bambusa Balcooa bamboo, from the north eastern part of India. These are 100% bamboo made water bottles and do not contain any plastic particle.

Being a first of its kind in the whole world; these are robust, strong and a perfect fit for the human hand, ergonomically. Bamboo is naturally microbe resistant, so it doesn’t absorb any water and doesn’t alter the taste of the stored beverage in any way. The bottles are completely spill proof and can be easily cleaned with hot water and normal washing detergent.

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Bamboo Tea

Last but not the least, this bamboo product makes the list, not exactly for its eco-friendly value but because it is extremely healthy and fun to try. If you are a tea lover (even if you are not), you have to try your hands on some bamboo tea once. Bamboo plant contains highest concentration of silica alongwith magnesium, potassium, iron, copper and various complementary amino acids.

Bamboo has been used in ancient Asian medication practices for respiratory issues, digestive issues, and liver support. The silica obtained from bamboo leaves or the ‘organic silica’ is a building block of collagen, which we all know is great for the renewal and rejuvenation of skin and bones. It also promotes healthy hair and nail growth.  The soluble fibres of bamboo help reduce levels of LDL cholesterol, relieve constipation, and aid the body in eliminating toxins. Bamboo leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and silica strengthens skin’s barrier making it less susceptible to acne breakouts, irritation and inflammation.

BISJ Organic Bamboo Silica Tea Bags

BISJ Bamboo Silica Tea is made in a premium GMP facility in India. Made of 100% organic, dried bamboo leaves, BISJ Organic Bamboo Silica Tea is a completely chemical free herbal drink carefully processed manually with hands. BISJ Organic Silica Tea contains 4% soluble fibre which equals 1g per cup of tea. This helps in regulating blood sugar levels and eases the tension in the stomach by relaxing the digestive system.

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Introducing bamboo products in your life is probably one of the easiest ways to support the planet. The market is filled with sustainable products. It is now upto you, how you want to move forward.

Don’t forget! Your small steps can go a long way.

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