6 Best Beard Colour in India

best beard colour in india

By now, it is a well-known fact; the beard is back in fashion.

In the recent times, men have become more conscious about styling their beards and are proudly flaunting their well-trimmed, sculpted facial hairs. But what happens when your facial hairs start turning grey? While the salt-and-pepper look has its own charm, many men choose to colour their beard for a fuller and younger look. If you too are looking for the best beard colour in India, that will camouflage your greys; read on.

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 What is a beard dye?

Just like hair colouring or hair dyeing, beard colour is a cosmetic that is used to change facial hair colour and cover your white or grey hairs. It generally comprises of a colour base and a developer that deposits new colour on your hair.

Conceptually similar to hair dye; beard colour or beard dye is specially formulated for your facial skin which is more delicate in nature. Therefore beard dyes contain mild ingredients with anti-inflammatory elements, which do not damage your facial skin and provide you with a natural looking beard.   

Can I use regular hair colour for colouring beard?

While it may seem normal to use your hair colour for colouring your beard; it is infact a popular misconception. Facial skin is more gentle and sensitive than your scalp. Which is why using hair dye on the beard or facial hair, can be too harsh for your skin and cause irritation. Moreover beard hair is coarser than the hair on your head. Therefore beard colours are especially formulated to penetrate coarser hairs and are more effective on the beard.

Secondly beard dyes are often less opaque and semi-permanent than hair colours. This is because hair dyes are required to cover larger areas and are therefore more opaque. Using hair dyes may colour your facial hairs darker than your natural colour, and you will end up with an unnatural, fake looking beard.

How to choose the best beard dye for your beard hair

Before moving on to the best beard colours in India; here are a few things to consider while selecting beard colours.

  • Natural ingredients – Avoid chemical dyes or harsh chemicals as much as you can. It is always better to use beard colours that have more natural or herbal ingredients, so that there are minimal chances of skin irritation or damage.
  • Ammonia free dye – This one is no surprise. Ammonia in hair colours or beard dyes can drastically harm your hair texture and quality. Regular usage of ammonia dyes can damage the hair cuticle and lead to weaker, rough, damaged hair. Also, ammonia is quite harsh on the skin and is a potential skin irritant that can lead to various infections and allergies.
  • Hypoallergenic dyes – Hypoallergenic dyes are mainly made up of natural ingredients that minimise the chances of skin allergies. If you belong to the sensitive skin type and are more prone to skin allergies, using hypoallergenic beard dyes should be high on your list.
  • Colour selection – Often the colour of your hair and beard are not the same. Choosing the right colour for your beard is therefore tricky and quite important. If you are choosing a beard colour for the first time, choose a shade lighter than you require. This will make your beard look more natural or else, you can easily reapply and make it darker. Choosing a lighter shade will prevent you from colouring your beard darker than it is. In anycase, you will have to do a few trials before you find the perfect shade for you.
  • Permanent or semi-permanent – As the name suggests, permanent colour stays till new grey hairs start to grow. Whereas semi-permanent colours provide coverage for a lesser time. There are temporary solutions also, that only cover for a few hours. Therefore before buying any beard colour, it is important to consider their lifespan.
  • Ease of application – No guesses here. Choose a product that is easier to apply. A beard colour with a brush applicator is a better option as it is easier to use and apply.

List of best beard colour in India

Let’s take a look at some of the best beard colour brand in India, which offer premium quality beard colour and beard dyes.

1. Just For Men Moustache and Beard Brush-In Color Gel

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Overall, Just for Men moustache and beard is one of the best beard colour in India. This brush-in gel is a fast and easy to use colour for both the moustache and the beard. The ammonia-free formula is specially formulated to penetrate coarse facial hair and eliminate grey hairs for a thicker, fuller look.


  • Easy and fast brush-in gel application that colours your greys in just five minutes.
  • Ammonia-free beard colour with no harsh colours.
  • Contains aloe vera, biotin, and coconut oil for deeply conditioning the beard hair.
  • The thick gel consistency prevents any trickling or dripping while covering full facial hair.
  • Long lasting beard colour that needs re-application only when new grey hairs start to grow.
  • Specially formulated to penetrate coarse facial hair.
  • Leaves your beard hair soft and smoother.


2. Bigen Men’s Beard Colour

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Bigen Men’s beard colour is amongst the best beard colour brand in India that suits the Indian hair colour. It is an easy to use, ammonia-free formula enriched with aloe extracts and olive oil.


  • Ammonia-free beard colour.
  • Enriched with aloe extracts and olive oil that conditions the beard hair.
  • It comes with a fast touch comb, which helps in easily applying it to any part of the beard or moustache, even short beard styles.
  • The beard cream is highly adhesive and viscous in texture, which covers the beard completely without dripping.
  • Perfectly covers beard greys, without staining the skin.
  • Contains no harsh smell.


3. Godefroy Color Tint Kit

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Godefroy color tint kit is a ready to use colouring kit, great for spot colouring or root touch ups. This kit is can be used anywhere on the scalp, hairline or temples and can be used upto 20 applications.


  • Contains no ammonia, parabens or odour.
  • Can be used on the scalp or hairline. Also great for moustaches, beards, side burns or goatees.
  • The sealed capsule tints helps in colouring smaller grey areas without creating any waste or oxidation of the remaining product.
  • Blends with existing colour and covers the resistant grey for upto six months.
  • The cream based formula prevents any dripping and makes the application easier.


4. Urbangabru Beard Color

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One of the best beard beard dye in India is Urbangabru Beard Color. It is specially formulated with natural ingredients and Henna powder that gives a long-lasting natural black beard. It contains no chemicals or additives and therefore causes no skin burns or irritation.


  • Ammonia free beard colour with natural ingredients.
  • Contains no parabens or sulphates.
  • Enriched with Henna powder that provides long-lasting natural black beard.
  • Does not cause any burning, itching or any rashes.
  • Easy to wash without any soap or shampoo.


5. Beardo Beard Color

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Beardo beard colour is a naturally formulated beard colour that effectively works for Indian beards. It is an easy to use, easy to wipe beard colour formula that lends a natural black colour to your hair.


  • Ammonia free formula with no harsh chemicals.
  • The no-drip formula provides 100 % grey coverage without leaving any stains.
  • Easy to apply and works in just ten minutes.
  • Helps soften and detangle beard hair.


6. Blackbeard for Men – Instant Brush-On Beard and Moustache Color

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Blackbeard for men is an instant brush-on colour specially designed for the facial hair. This brush-on beard dye is not a facial hair colour but an instant colour corrector that immediately colours your grey hair for temporary coverage.


  • Patented hypoallergenic formula that contains no harsh chemicals or odour.
  • Can be applied in seconds.
  • Lasts for the entire day (approx. 8-12 hours or more).
  • Water resistant formula that stays during workout or swimming.
  • Ideal for filling gaps, thinner beards or stubble.


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s talk about some frequently asked questions, discussing the best beard colour in India.

Is it safe to colour beard?

It is completely safe if you select a premium quality beard colour especially formulated for beard needs. Just do a patch test before applying.

How many days beard colour lasts?

This will completely depend on the type of beard dye and how fast your hair grows. With permanent beard dyes, you might not need to reapply till new grey hair starts to grow. On the other hand, semi-permanent dyes will generally last for several days. 

How do I get beard dye off my skin?

An easy way is to pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton pad and dab it on the stained skin. Clean it off with warm water and soap once you are done. Although rubbing alcohol can dry your skin and be harsh for sensitive skin people. A good option for sensitive skin people is to rub a few drops of olive oil onto the stained area and leave on for some time. Wash it off with warm water after some time. 

Can you use beard oil after dying your beard?

Absolutely. Infact it is advisable to use products that will keep your beard healthy. Colouring your beard doesn’t affect your beard care routine.



There is absolutely no shame in touching up those grey patches on your face. Just find the right product and you are ready to roll.