7 Best Board Games for Adults in India

best board games for adults in india

No time is bad time to play board games with your family and friends.

Board games have always been the perfect way to get away from the regular anxieties of our daily life and indulge in some fun and playful time with our near and dear ones. They not just bring families together but always provide hours of wholehearted entertainment for all ages.

But in the current scenario, they have become more important as the biggest challenge is to get away from the electronics or the virtual world. Board games provide the much needed balance between the virtual and the real world. And if you too are looking for the best board games for adults in India that are unique and timeless, this article is for you.

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Why you must have board games?

Board games have been prevalent since ages because everyone is bound to enjoy them. Be a ten year old kid or a 75 year old man, board games are for one and all. One might think that board games are great because they create an unparalleled fun environment and suddenly a boring moment turns into exciting and entertaining opportunity. Well that is only half true.

Board games undoubtedly, are great for bonding and playing together, but they also impact and enhance memory formation and cognitive skills. They help in relaxing the mind and reducing stress and at the same time they help you focus and increase your concentration level. They also teach you to be patient and cooperative as you can never enjoy board games alone. Most importantly it teaches you teamwork and is therefore often envisioned as a great team building activity.

Board games are always a great way for a time out or unplug from the monotonous everyday ritual. They are not just easy to setup or play, but are great for people to spend time together and strengthen their relationships. But most importantly, they teach you how to loose gracefully or how to be patient during the unfavourable times, creating the most important impact on our restless minds.

List of Best Board Games for Adults in India

There are various varieties of popular board games available in the market. Often it is assumed that they are designed to cater exclusively young children or grown up kids. Well, that is not completely true.

There are various board games that are engaging enough for people of all ages. Here, we have compiled the list of best board games for adults in India that will get you hooked, instantly.

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Mattel Scrabble

Scrabble is probably one of the most popular board games for all ages. All you need to do is make valid words from the random letter blocks you draw and earn points. Mattel Scrabble board game is a game for 2-4 people who need to make maximum point earning words to win.

Scrabble is great for exercising your brain, building concentration and enhancing your vocabulary in the most fun way possible. Moreover it is extremely easy and needs no time to learn. And the best part is it never gets old, for you never know the combination of letters one might draw, each time you play.

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Tickles Sequence

Sequence is the perfect way to exercise your brain while having fun. The board comprise of 100 miniature images of each card in two complete regular decks of playing cards. You play the card in your hand and place your token on the corresponding space on the board. The goal is to put five cards in a row and make a sequence of your tokens before your opposition does the same.

Sequence is a game of strategy that requires you to think beforehand and strategically block the opponents. The game appeals to players of all age as it is equally enjoyable for the kids and yet challenging enough for the adults.

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Mayfair Games Catan



Catan is not just any ordinary game. Being the winner of the “Game of the century” award, you can imagine how popular this game is worldwide. This game is all about exploration and expansion of your settlement and cities. It requires players to construct various buildings like houses, garrisons, libraries, etc. and develop their entire settlement in order to win.

The game requires you to occupy and develop an uninhabited island named Catan. The island is full of various resources and players try to occupy the resources and develop their holdings over the island. Catan is the perfect game to relax and unwind while learning how human settlements actually develop.

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Mattel Blokus

Mattel Blokus is one of the best strategy games for people of all ages. It involves four players who take turns to place their pieces on board, touching all pieces of same colour at the corners. The game involves protecting your territory by strategically blocking your opponent’s pieces and staking claim by fitting your maximum pieces on the board.

Blokus is easy to play but requires great focus in planning endless possibilities. It is a fast paced game that puts strategy and spatial thinking to test. All you need to do is challenge the brain and dominate the board with your pieces.

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Funskool Othello

Othello is an internationally acclaimed strategy game that involves two players playing on a 8×8 board. This game requires a lot of strategy and planning and yet is extremely easy to learn and play. Players compete to outrun their opponent by having their coloured discs at both ends of their opponent’s row.

Othello is great for developing strategic and problem solving skills in young kids at a very early age and requires years to master. It is equally enjoyed by both kids and adults and one of the most challenging couples board game ever.

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Hasbro Taboo

Taboo is probably one of the best games for families to play together. It is the game for more people; more the number, more the fun. Hasbro Taboo is a fast paced fun game that requires you to give creative and carefully-worded clues to your team so that they can guess the right words.

The game comprises of several cards, with each card having taboo or forbidden words that should not be spoken. Whichever team guesses the most in the given time frame, wins. Taboo is one of the most entertaining activity for game nights or casual brunches with your friends. All you need to do is avoid the unspeakable words, the taboo.

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Hasbro Monopoly

Any board game list without Monopoly in it is incomplete. Monopoly is easily the most popular board games amongst all ages, which has been bonding friendships and family ties since decades. The game board comprises of various houses, hotels and event space and each player can earn or lose money when they land on these random tiles.

But the new edition of Monopoly from Hasbro comprises of a modern electronic banking version. This version comes with an ultimate banking unit that will automatically calculate a player’s worth or decide to boost or crash the market depending upon the properties of players. You may buy properties or go bankrupt; Monopoly is all about money and the player with the most money in the end is the winner.

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Be it a game night or a casual brunch, relaxing family time or official fun at work, holiday time or long weekend; board games are the best way to break the ice or bond together. Hopefully these board games will make your hangouts more memorable than ever.