Best Cabin Trolley Bags in India

best cabin trolley bags india

Planning your next vacation?

No travel is complete without a good multiuse cabin trolley bag. Be it travel, business, leisure or adventure; cabin bags are a great fit for every travel occasion. Small, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre; cabin trolley bags are perfect for a weekend getaway, outstation business meetings or simply an add on with your large travel suitcases.

 ‘Cabin luggage’ or ‘cabin bag’ is a travel luggage that passengers are allowed to carry inside the airplane. The shape and size of the luggage should be such that it can be easily placed either in the overhead locker or beneath the seat. When it comes to air travel; airlines have various restrictions regarding a cabin luggage. Therefore the vital criterion is size and weight. It needs to fit within the required airline size and weight limits and at the same time be spacious enough to carry all your essentials you might need inside the plane. in this article we will look into best cabin trolley bags in India.

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List of best Cabin Trolley Bags in India

The market is flooded with a large variety of travel luggage and bags. Available in different colours, shapes, sizes and materials; buying the right cabin luggage may often get very confusing. Today we have handpicked five best cabin trolley bags in India that are stylish, sturdy and perfect for every travel need.

AmazonBasics 51 cm Navy Blue Hardsided Cabin Bag

AmazonBasics 51 cm hardsided cabin bag is the perfect for people who do frequent international travel, as its dimensions (38 x 25.5 x 55cm) are accepted as carry-on for most international flights. It weighs 3300 grams with a capacity of 39 litres; offering enough packing space to hold a few changes of clothes, toiletries, and a pair of shoes. Its expandable design creates up to 15% more packing space for extra room when needed. Its outer hard shell is strong and protective and with four wheel spinners, it easily glides in any direction without tipping over. Its durable scratch resistant finish provides added strength, and makes it suitable for rough travel conditions.

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MI Polycarbonate Hardsided Cabin Trolley Bag

Mi hardsided cabin trolley bag is a great buy considering its high build quality. It comprises of three layer composite compressive structure which reduces wear and tear, making the suitcase highly resilient. The outer body has a scratch-resistant honeycomb surface with vertical strips and grooves on both the sides; providing additional support and reducing stress during impact. Its four dual spinner wheels help in carrying the luggage effortlessly across all types of surfaces, including gravel and carpet. The suitcase weighs 3100 grams with a capacity of 36 litres and the size (37.5 x 22.3 x 55cm) is cabin size compliant, appropriate for light travel. Stylish, lightweight and durable; this MI cabin suitcase is perfect for regular travel needs.

Swiss Gear ABS 55 cms Black Hardsided Cabin Bag

Swiss Gear hardsided cabin bag is made of ABS as the outer material with a durable scratch-resistant finish. Its lightweight construction helps you adhere to airline weight restrictions and avoid unneeded airport fees. It weighs 2800gms with a capacity of 39.4 litres and its dimensions are 36 x 23 x 55cm. The four spinner wheels allow smooth movement in any direction and on any surface, providing complete mobility free-weight rolling. This unisex cabin luggage from Swiss Gear is elegant looking, water resistant and definitely a great budget friendly option in this category.

American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene 55 cms Black Hardsided Cabin Trolley Bag

The American Tourister hardsided cabin bag has Polypropylene as its outer material and weighs 2770 grams with a capacity of 31.5 litres. It comes with smooth rolling wheels for ease of manoeuvrability and the TSA lock system is recessed to give a premium look to the suitcase. It comes with full size interior pockets and packing straps so that your belongings are securely fastened. This cabin suitcase is voluminous and yet lightweight, making it suitable as per airline weight restrictions.

Skybags Trooper 55 Cms Polycarbonate Blue Hardsided Cabin Trolley Bag

The Skybags Trooper cabin trolley bag is made of premium polycarbonate along with stainless steel. The outer material is textured with a micro-diamond finish making it scratch-resistance and reduced abrasion visibility. The suitcase is made of a durable blend of polycarbonate and 100 percent virgin hard case outer material, designed to absorb impact under stress and flex back into its original shape. With a capacity of 28litres, it weighs 2360 grams and measures 38 x 21 x 55cm. It comes with four 360degree rotating wheels that make it easy to manoeuver and carry anywhere.


We hope this article helped you in choosing the best cabin trolley bag for your upcoming travel. They are easier to handle, high on style and perfect for lightweight travel. So if your bookings are done, tickets are ready and you are just looking for the right travel accessory; look no more.

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