12 Best Dry Dog Food in India

best dry dog food in india

We all know how important a well-balanced meal is for our body. But have you ever wondered what your cute little doggo goes through, when he is undernourished. As a dog parent, we all want the best for our little furballs. What we don’t realise is that often we are ill-informed when it comes to dog nutrition.

Currently the dog food market is filled with choices. There are multiple premium brands that offer various categories and selections. But the task is to choose the right dog food that can fulfil his nutritional and caloric demands while taking care of his sensitivities and health conditions. We analyzed all top dry dog food brands in Indian market to find the best dry dog food in India. We hope that after reading this article, you would be able to find the best dry dog food for your dog.

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Dog Diet

A balanced diet for your dog is basically a mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.


It is impossible for a dog to survive without protein. Protein is integral in building, maintaining and repairing body organs and tissues in a dog. Be it their muscles, hair, nails or skin; protein rich diet is critical to every dog. Moreover, young puppies and pregnant or lactating females need more protein intake and therefore the protein content in puppy food is higher than in adult dog food.

Protein is made up of essential and non-essential amino acids that are indispensable nutrients for dogs. There are 10 essential amino acids that dogs cannot create on their own and therefore it is important that they must be supplied through diet.


Just like us, dogs need necessary dietary fiber to maintain their gut health and digestive system. This dietary fiber comes from carbohydrates, sourced from plants and vegetables.

Apart from this carbs are also required to fuel your dog with glucose or in easy terms, energy. If dietary carbohydrates are not making sufficient glucose, the body will synthesize necessary glucose from dietary protein and fats. Therefore consuming a carbohydrate balanced diet becomes integral for energy production and protein is spared to build and maintain the body.


Fats provide your pet with the most concentrated source of energy. They maintain your dog’s shiny coat and skin, enable absorption of fat soluble vitamins and help with inflammation and allergies. Deficiency in fatty acids can lead to severe dermatological allergies and inflammation while too much fat can also lead to gastrointestinal issues in dogs. Therefore every dog food needs a balanced share of good fats or fatty acids that can provide them with the necessary dietary fats. 

Vitamins and Minerals

Every dog requires a wide range of vitamins and minerals that take part in various every day metabolic activities. They facilitate normal immune and nervous functioning and are important for bone and teeth development. Without adequate level of vitamins or minerals, your dog will suffer from deficiencies and eventually lead to illness. Similarly too much vitamins and minerals can also lead to toxicity and complications. Therefore it is important that your dog food contains the right vitamins and minerals in a balanced way.


In the end, water is the most important constituent of every dog diet. It performs various important functions like regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients to the cells, flushing out waste, lubricating the joints and cushioning the body organs. Apart from getting water through their diet, they can simply drink water and maintain the daily water requirement.

Types of dog food

The dog food market is filled with various types of dog food classified under diverse categories, few of which are described below.

Dry Food

Dry food is low humidity food, generally in the form of pellets, kibbles, flake cereals or biscuits. It can be simply served in dry state or can be served with added water or gravy. Dry dog food not just provides required nutrition, but is also great for the dental hygiene of your dog as chewing the crunchy kibble reduces tartar build up.

It has been growing more and more popular in the dog food market as it is economic, easy to store and has a longer shelf life. The downside of this is that the market is filled with various dry dog food varieties, but not every dry food is for your dog. You have to be careful about what you are selecting, as many of these contain unhealthy fillers and low quality ingredients alongwith artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Wet Food

Opposite to dry dog food, wet food or canned food is high moisture content food. Wet dog food mostly comprise of chunks in gravy, chunks in jelly and meatloaf formats. Ingredients are blended and usually cooked at high temperatures, so that the food is sterilised. It is then packed in cans or pouches and sent for retailing.

Wet food also has a long shelf life but is generally more expensive. Moreover since it contains more water content, your dog is bound to consume more in quantity. It is therefore important to pay attention to protein and water content in the canned food and select accordingly.  

Raw Food

A wide variety of raw meat or raw food is available in frozen or freeze-dried formats. Raw foods are often further divided into complete or complementary. As the name suggests complete meal is a whole balanced diet whereas complementary foods are designed to be only a part of the diet.

Raw foods are more susceptible to bacteria and therefore it needs to be frozen for hygienic reasons. Raw diet is good for many dogs as it is healthy and easily digestible in most cases. But it has its own issues. Raw foods are expensive, time consuming and have a low shelf life. But the bigger problem is that raw foods have a larger risk of dietary imbalances and food poisoning.

How to choose the right dog food?

Every dog breed requires different nutritional needs at different stages of their lives. Dog owners generally choose food depending on their budget or what their dog likes to eat. Many of them like to mix and match between raw, wet or dry food options available in the market. But choosing the right diet with proper nutrition for your dog primarily depends on his age, size and health issues, if any. 

Most of the times, your dog will do well on any type of food as long as you are choosing a balanced and wholesome meal. An ideal good dog food should be a balanced mix of meat, vegetables, fruits and grain. It is important to keep nutritional requirements of your dog in mind and choose quality ingredients and keep a check on the undesirable components.

Is homemade food insufficient for my dog?

Home cooked meal for your pet can seem tempting, healthy or economical. But the fact is that it might fill their belly but mostly does not fulfil their nutritional requirements. The digestive system of a dog is different than humans and home cooked meals may not be the best diet for your pet.

Dogs too need a balanced diet with better nutrition. A home cooked meal is good for your dog only if it contains all necessary nutrients and is efficiently cooked to suit their dietary requirements. Vast majority of home cooked meals lack in one or more essential nutrients. And the bigger problem is that the inadequacies in their meal would take weeks to reflect. By the time you notice it, trivial matters might snowball into severe issues.

On the other hand, commercial dog foods are legally bound to meet the basic requirements and keep a quality check before it can reach your dog’s plate. It is therefore advisable to go for processed dog foods unless you are assured that home meal can fulfil your pet’s nutritional requirements.

List of Best Dry Dog Food in India

We analyzed various dry dog food available in market and here is the list of best dry dog food in India.


Royal Canin Maxi Adult

Being the most popular dog food brand in India, Royal Canin Maxi Adult is one of the best dry dog food in India for adult large breed dogs such as Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, American Bully etc. The nutritional needs of large breed dogs need  special sensitivity towards bone and joint health as they are more prone to deformities because of their large weight.

Highlights of Royal Canin Maxi Adult

  • Royal Canin maxi contains high quality protein and balanced dietary fiber supply to promote optimal digestibility.
  • It helps maintain an ideal weight for large breed dogs and supports intense growth through controlled energy supply.
  • It is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) which keep their skin healthy and nourished.
  • It contributes to good bone mineralisation and supports bone and joint health in large breed dogs.

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IAMS Proactive Health Adult Small and Medium Breed Dogs Dry Dog Food

IAMS Proactive Health is one of the best dry dog food for small and medium breed adult dogs like Lhasa Apso, Tibetan Spaniel, Pug, Beagle etc.

Highlights of IAMS Proactive Health Dry Dog Food

  • It contains chicken and egg derived protein that helps build strong, firm muscles.
  • The crunchy kibble with STPP helps in the reduction of tartar build-up and supports healthy teeth.
  • It contains beet pulp and prebiotic FOS that support healthy digestion.
  • It contains a balanced ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids which provides a healthy skin and coat.
  • It contains added Vitamin E that promotes development of natural defences.

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Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Dog Food – Chicken Meal and Barley

Hill’s Science diet adult sensitive dry dog food is a nutritionally balanced and complete diet suitable for all dog breeds. This dry dog food recipe from Hill’s Science is especially formulated for adult dogs with food or skin sensitivities.

Highlights of Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dry Dog Food

  • The entire recipe is made with high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients that are scientifically formulated to be gentle on the stomach.
  • It is a clinically proven blend of antioxidants with Vitamin C and Vitamin E that support the immune system of adult dogs.
  • It contains Omega 6 fatty acids alongwith other nutrients that are helpful for dogs with sensitive stomach and skin.
  • It also contains other nutrients alongwith Vitamin E for a healthier skin and glossy coat.

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Arden Grange Prestige Adult Dog Food

Arden Grange Adult Prestige Chicken dry dog food is the best dry dog food for adult dogs with a higher requirement for calories. It contains higher levels of folic acid, making it ideal for pregnant and lactating females.

Highlights of Arden Grange Prestige Adult Dog Food

  • It has higher proportion of egg that constitutes the protein source, excellent in repairing the growth and repair of muscle and cell tissues.
  • Higher level of Chicken oil acts as the primary fat source, ensuring sustained energy levels alongwith promoting optimal skin and coat condition.

It is an energy dense food with extremely palatability, especially for sensitive eaters who require more concentrated source of nutrition in lesser quantity of food.

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Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Orijen dog food is designed to suit the dietary nutrition for all life stages of all dog breeds. It is made from fresh regional foods biologically appropriate for adult dogs. Although this brand is not so popular in India, it is one of the best dry dog food in India.

Highlights of Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

  • The recipe comprises of 85% meat and 15% fruits and vegetables.
  • 1/3 of meats from fresh chicken, turkey and fish are air dried at 90°C to create a concentrated source of protein.
  • It contains freeze-dried chicken and turkey liver that enhance flavour naturally.

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Purina Supercoat Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Supercoat adult dry dog food is a tailored nutrition for bringing out the best in adult dog breeds like Golden Retriever, German shepherd, Beagle, Pug, and others.

Highlights of Purina Supercoat Adult Dry Dog Food

  • It comprises of high quality protein rich diet that helps build stronger muscles.
  • It contains natural fibres that keep the dog’s digestive system healthy.
  • It contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthier skin and coat.
  • It contains no artificial colours or flavours.

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FARMINA N&D Ancestral Grain Dry Dog Food – Chicken and Pomegranate

The N&D Ancestral grain is a mix of simple and genuine ingredients that offer your pet a balanced and complete diet with low glycaemic index cereals. This dry dog food recipe is available in two different packages, suitable for all dog breeds.

Highlights of FARMINA N&D Ancestral Grain Dry Dog Food

  • It comprises of 90% protein from high quality Italian chicken, with no added artificial preservatives and corn.
  • Pomegranate acts as a natural source of Vitamin C and has antioxidant properties.
  • Ancestral grain such as Spelt and Oats are a good source of fiber, helping in absorption and digestion. They also reduce the risk of overweight related issues and heart diseases.

These low carb grains also lower the release of glucose in the body, preventing diabetes.

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Grain Zero Adult Dry Dog Food

Grain Zero adult dry dog food is an ideal dry dog food formulation for all dog breeds. Grain Zero dry dog food is made with no corn, wheat or soya.

Highlights of Grain Zero Adult Dry Dog Food

  • It contains chicken and egg as highly digestible protein source that is great for developing stronger muscles and tissue development.
  • It contains vitamins and chelated minerals for a healthier immune system.
  • Its crunchy kibble helps reduce plaque and tartar build up.
  • It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that are great for healthy skin and shiny coat.

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Purepet Adult Dog Food – Chicken and Veg

Purepet adult dog food is an economical whole meal meant to fulfil nutritional needs of all dog breeds.

Highlights of Purepet Adult Dog Food

  • This dry dog food recipe is ideal for weight management and keeping your dog active and agile.
  • It is a combination of all essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required to boost the health and vitality of an adult dog.
  • It is highly palatable and easily digestible.
  • It helps build stronger immune system.

The kibble is free of any artificial flavours and is formulated with essential ingredients that support the pet health.

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Himalaya Healthy Pet Food – Meat and Rice

Himalaya healthy pet food is an economic dry dog food suitable for all dog breeds. Being an Indian brand, Himalaya is known for their diverse range of herbal products. This dry dog food recipe is fortified with herbs for additional health benefits in adult dogs.

Highlights of Himalaya Healthy Pet Food

  • It contains over 20 nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, making it a perfectly balanced nutritional diet for an adult dog.
  • The herbal recipe is designed to support immunity and promote glucose metabolism in adult dogs.
  • It contains herbs like Popala and Tree of heaven that support renal function and metabolism in adult dogs.

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Chappi Adult Dry Dog Food – Chicken and Rice

Chappi chicken and rice adult dry dog food is a complete and balanced diet for dogs of all breeds including Pugs, Beagle, Labrador, Golden Retriever or German shepherd.

Highlights of Chappi Adult Dry Dog Food

  • The recipe contains quality proteins for healthier muscles.
  • It comprises of dietary fiber to support the digestive health of adult dogs.
  • It also contains vitamins and minerals to support the natural defense system of adult dogs.

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Meat Up Adult Dog Food

Meat Up adult dog food is loaded with the goodness of chicken, egg and vegetables combined with vitamins and minerals. It is a complete and balanced diet formulated for all dog breeds.

Highlights of Meat Up Adult Dog Food

  • It comprises of prebiotics in dry formula that help maintain the digestive health.
  • It contains Glucosamine for healthier joints and stronger bones.
  • It contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthier skin and coat.
  • It is highly palatable and liked by all dog breeds.

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With so many options available, it is easy to be overwhelmed. But the final decision lies with you, because no one knows your dog better than you. Don’t be afraid of trying a few alternatives before you make your final decision. Moreover it is always recommended to consult your vet, in case you have concerns.

Hope this guide helped you in finding the best dry food for dogs in India.

Happy Shopping!