6 Best Laptop Stand in India

best laptop stand india

Millions of people have gone through lockdowns since the Covid outbreak; completely transforming the office spaces and working patterns. Various organizations have declared permanent work from home for their employees and many are still contemplating it.

One thing is certain; ‘Work from home’ is here to stay for long.

More and more people are working from home, and are going through emotional, mental and physical discomforts. Home has become the new office and dining tables have become the new workspace. And this temporary office arrangement has led to neck, back, leg and shoulder pain issues. Poor Ergonomics not just affect individual productivity but can lead to chronic injuries, and have a lasting effect on human bodies. 

Laptop stands have therefore become the need of the hour for every working professional. In this article, we have analyzed the best laptop stands in India designed to support laptops in various positions. Laptop stands offer several viewing angles to suit your need and avoid wrist pain or hunching while working. They not just avoid muscle spasms or pain but also reduce fatigue and enhance efficiency. They are specifically designed to suit your posture and help you get rid of that back pain you are struggling with.

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List of Best Laptop Stand in India

There are various options available for laptop stand in Indian market. Today we have comprised a list of best laptop stand in India, based on different parameters such as price, features, durability and portability.

Best Adjustable Laptop Stand in India

Laptop stands are specifically designed to suit various viewing angles, so that the viewing height can be adjusted according to the user. Following laptop stands come with multiple adjustment settings, making them great adjustable laptop stand options.

Portronics POR-704 Multipurpose Laptop Cooling Table

Portronics POR-704 is an elegant laptop table that allows access to any posture you desire. The desk allows angular or vertical adjustments (0-300 degrees), so that angles and heights of the desk can be adjusted as per different users. It also has soft notches on one side, which prevent objects from rolling down. It comes with an in-built cooling fan with speed of 1800 RPM, which protects the laptop from overheating. With an attractive design and finish, Portronics POR-704 is sufficiently large and sturdy, ensuring that all laptop models can mount on it. It also has a separate designated mouse pad for keeping the mouse and comes with legs that can be folded completely, making it highly portable and space efficient.

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AmazonBasics Ventilated Laptop Stand

This laptop stand from the retail giant not just acts as a laptop stand but also helps in keeping the laptop ventilated and cool. AmazonBasics laptop stand is a fixed stand with adjustable height setting that can be adjusted from 12 to 35 degrees. Raising the platform tilts the laptop slightly, providing a comfortable angle for reading or typing. Made up of metal mesh platforms, this stand draws heat away from laptop and increases airflow, keeping the laptop cooler and avoiding overheating or system crashes. It is one of the best adjustable laptop stand for desk as it comes with a six slot cord organizer that promotes a tidier desk or workspace.

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Amkette Ergo View Laptop Stand with 7 Adjustment Levels

Amkette Ergo View Laptop Stand comes with seven customized angles that can be adjusted to suit your convenience. The height of the laptop stand can be easily adjusted to get the most comfortable viewing position, ideal in preventing serious back, neck or wrist pain. The compact design promotes natural airflow, ideal to keep your laptop cool. The laptop stand is compact yet robust, and can be easily used for large sized laptops as well. At the same time it is easily foldable and its lightweight design makes it ultra-portable. Just pack it up and you are good to go.


BoYata Adjustable Notebook Multi-Angle Laptop Stand

The BoYata multi angle laptop stand is a stable laptop holder with rubber feet and antiskid silicone pads on bottom and top, providing sufficient grip on slippery surfaces. It is one of the best height adjustable laptop stand that comes with a Z- type design. This design feature is ergonomically good for adjusting an ideal height for typing, watching and sitting properly. It relieves muscle stiffness, while supporting your back and neck with a comfortable posture. The stand is made of high quality aluminum that absorbs and discharges heat easily. It also has a hole on the surface which increases the air flow and keeps your laptop cool. It also comes with protective hooks that ensure that the laptop does not slide off the stand.

Best Portable Laptop Stand in India

If you are someone who is constantly on the go, you need an easy to move around, lightweight option. The Voroly foldable laptop stand is easily foldable and extremely lightweight, making it one of the best portable laptop stands available in the market. 

Voroly Foldable Laptop Stand

If you are looking for best foldable laptop table in India, this stand from Voroly (made in India) can be a good option. Made of Iron strengthened Nylon fiber, it merely weighs 350 gram and yet holds upto 14 kilogram of laptop weight firmly. It’s easy height adjustment feature changes the laptop stand from 26 to 30 degree by simply pressing the buttons to slide down and adjust the angle of inclination. It also offers two different sets of replaceable supports, which protects the devices from dropping and keeps the laptop in place. Unlike other stands, its open framework design uses smaller contact area with the laptop surface. This keeps the laptop stand ventilated and effectively prevents the laptop from overheating and crashing. Foldable and lightweight; this laptop stand is extremely easy to carry around and a great laptop accessory for people on the go.

Best Laptop Table for Bed in India

In times where so many people are working from home, people tend to take their laptop in bed for work. In such cases, laptop table for bed can come very handy. If you are looking for the best portable laptop stand for bed, then Huanuo Lap Desk is a great option.


Huanuo Lap desk is a multifunctional lap desk that can be used as laptop stand, work stand or reading desk, as per your need. Lying on your bed or working while travelling; this lap desk is lightweight, portable and easily fits laptop upto 17”. It comes with a handle that allows you to carry it anywhere, conveniently. Its dual bolster cushion base gives comfort to your lap and keeps the laptop at a more comfortable angle. It has a 21.5” long wrist pad that provides a comfortable position to place your wrist and also prevents the laptop from slipping off. It also includes a tablet/pen, phone holder keeping all your things together and your workspace organized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to laptop stands.

Do you really need a laptop stand?

If you work on laptop for 6-8 hours and do not have a proper angle and height, you are likely to suffer from several chronic injuries and back pain. If you do not have a proper ergonomic setup, laptop stands easily provide you a great affordable solution to bad posture and body pain.

Laptop stands raise the laptop to the right eye level, which prevents you from hunching over your laptop. This reduces the risk of stress injury and prevents straining of neck and back muscles. Proper laptop angle reduces the glare of the screen and prevents straining of the eye. A good laptop stand also prevents laptops from overheating and help in keeping them cooler.

How high should your laptop be?

Ideally the laptop should be positioned 12-25 cm above your desk, so that you don’t have to bend your neck. The laptop should be placed such that when you look straight, your eyes should hit 10-15 cm below the top edge of your screen.

Are laptop stands good for posture?

People working on computer and laptop for long hours often complaint of back pain, wrist pain or other health issues. This happens majorly because of improper laptop height and angle, which causes stiffness in back and neck muscles. Apart from tightened muscles, bad ergonomics lead to poor posture and reduces the natural support of your neck and lower back.

Laptop stands optimize your laptop setup and raises the laptop to your eye level. This prevents the straining of neck and eyes and enables proper sitting posture.

What should I look for in a laptop stand?

A laptop stand should be sturdy and easily adjustable, so that multiple viewing angles and height adjustments can be easily attained. In addition a laptop stand should be lightweight, space efficient and portable so that one can easily set it up or carry around. A good laptop stand should have proper ventilation setup so that overheating is avoided. Also, it would be better if it comes with cable management provisions or holders.   


Sedentary jobs are the current reality and have a lasting effect on human body. Today ergonomic based furniture is no more a luxury but has become an important necessity. If you too are facing muscle spasms, neck stiffness or back pains; it is time to pay heed to your body. It’s time to buy a necessary accessory to maintain your work life balance.

Afterall, health is the only wealth.