9 Best Puppy Food in India

best puppy food in india

Congratulations! You are a dog parent now. Welcome to the beautiful dog world. Selfless love, countless snuggles, endless company and untiring loyalty; there is no better feeling than having a dog by your side. But along with it comes handful new responsibilities as well. 

Being a dog parent is not easy, especially when it is a small puppy. Proper nourishment, grooming, training, vaccination; puppies need your full attention and therefore you have to be extra mindful when it comes to their diet and nutrition. A healthy and balanced diet provides them everything to grow and function normally and prevents infections and diseases while they grow into a healthy adult dog.

So the important question is – What is the best food for your puppy?

Puppies grow rapidly and for that reason need more nutrients and high energy food to fuel their growth. At the same time, their digestive system and immune system are still developing and need support. Therefore young puppies need specialized puppy food which provides them with all necessary nutrition.

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Is puppy food different than dog food?

Puppies have different dietary requirements than their adult counterpart. Puppies need higher protein intake with necessary vitamins and minerals, so that their bones, body and immune system is developed properly. Moreover they require more energy than an adult dog because of their high metabolic activities.

Adult dog food also has protein and necessary additives, but the ratio is different according to their body profile. Puppy food is designed specifically according to their age and nutritional needs. Therefore it is important to feed puppies specific formulations, depending on their age, breed and weight.

Can I feed my puppy home-made food?

Many dog owners have this question in their mind. Why can’t I feed them homemade food when it is cheaper and I can give them better quality ingredients? Well, the thing is that the digestive system of a dog is way different than us humans. Homemade food may feed their appetite but won’t fulfil their nutrition requirement.

Most often home cooked meals are deficient or unbalanced and can affect your dog’s health long term. Moreover puppies have a more delicate digestive system and are more immune to allergies as their natural defences are still being developed. You may feed an adult dog a mix of packaged food and homemade food; but with young little puppies, you have to be extra cautious.

List of best puppy food in India

The Indian market has a plethora of dog food brands producing specialised diet formulas with better sourced ingredients. Here is a list of best puppy food in India.

Best Puppy starter food in India

Royal Canin Mini Starter Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin is one of the best puppy food in India. Royal Canin Mini Starter is designed for small breed mothers like Pomeranian, Pug, Shih Tzu, Toy Pom etc. and her weaning puppies. This puppy food is adapted to the high energy requirements of the small breed mothers during the end of gestation and the beginning of lactation period.

Royal Canin Mini Starter is a specially designed formulation which contains the same nutritional elements as those in the mother’s milk. It is designed using Royal Canin’s ‘Start Complex’, an exclusive combination of specific nutrients that support the digestive health and natural defences of very young puppies. The kibble can be easily rehydrated to a porridge-like consistency which is very palatable for the nursing mothers and her weaning puppies. It also helps small pups in transitioning from their mother’s milk to solid food.

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Best food for small and medium breed puppies(Pug, Beagle, Pomeranian) in India

IAMS Proactive Health Smart Puppy Small & Medium Breed Dry Dog Food

The IAMS Proactive Health Smart Puppy is a premium dog food for small and medium puppies such as Pug, Beagle, Indian Pomeranian, Lhasa Apso etc. Small and medium Breed puppies have active metabolism as compared to large Breed puppies and are more susceptible to get ill as their immune system is not completely developed.

IAMS Proactive Health Smart Puppy is a premium recipe, meant to promote the puppy’s natural defence system, supports overall bone development and reduces plaque build-up, supporting healthier teeth. It contains the goodness of protein, beet pulp and prebiotic FOS which help in healthy digestion and provides adequate nutrition to growing puppies. It also has omega-3 DHA and omega 3 fatty acids for healthy joints and healthier skin and coat.

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Best food for large breed puppies(German Shepherd, Labrador, Rottweiler ,Golden retriever, Husky) in India

Royal Canin Maxi Puppy Food

Royal Canin Maxi Puppy is specially formulated with the nutritional needs for the large breed puppies such as German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Poodles and Siberian Husky. Large breed puppies grow fast and have longer growth duration. Large breed dogs are more prone to joint and skeletal problems as they grow, because of their larger body weight. It is therefore extremely important that they get a balanced diet for their overall growth.

Royal Canin Maxi Puppy contains a patented complex of antioxidants that supports your puppy’s natural defences while its immune system is still immature and developing. It contains high quality protein and prebiotics that support young puppy’s digestive health and provide him with adequate energy for his higher energy needs. The kibble size and texture is designed as per the puppy jaws; great for their dental health and palatability.

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Best grain free puppy food for all breeds in India

FARMINA N&D Pumpkin Dry Dog Food

Made in Italy, the new Farmina N&D Pumpkin – lamb and blueberry formula is a new grain free line with unique nutritional characteristics. The N&D pumpkin puppy food is made up of genuine ingredients which offer a balanced and complete diet for your puppies. It contains 96% of protein from animal origin with no artificial preservatives and grains. It comes with a vacuum coating system that permits the inclusion of vitamins after cooking, giving them a longer shelf life.

Lamb meat is rich in essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, making it a red meat protein source that has a better ratio between lean mass and fat. Pumpkin prevents over weight related issues and supports the immune system of young puppies. Apart from lamb and pumpkin, the formula is well integrated with fruits and vegetables, providing necessary antioxidant properties.

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Best grain free puppy food for puppies with sensitivities in India

Arden Grange Puppy/Junior Sensitive Ocean White Fish & Potato

The Arden Grange Puppy/Junior is a grain free diet suitable for all breeds. This grain free recipe is ideally suitable for puppies with sensitivities such as sensitive skin or digestion. This is a super-premium food with optimal vitamins and minerals for growing puppies and adolescent dogs.

The gentle formula contains ocean white fish as an easily digestible protein source. The recipe is high in omega-3 essential fatty acids and contains no grains or cereals. The perfect balance of nutrients offers healthy growth and development keeping the sensitive stomach of young puppies in mind. It can also be used for dogs requiring a higher calorie fish-based diet and pregnant bitches.

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Best premium puppy food for all breeds in India

Drools Focus Puppy Super Premium Dog Food

Drools Focus Puppy Super Premium Dog Food is a wholesome nutritional meal for all breeds of dogs. It is enriched with essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important ingredients which provide a complete and balanced diet for all growing puppies. It also contains optimal level of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids along with biotin, zinc and vitamin E that provide a healthy skin and shiny coat to the young puppies.

It is prepared with real chicken and no meat by-products, ensuring high protein value and nutrition. This premium dog food has no grain, corn or soya that can harm the sensitive digestive system of growing puppies. It contains whole grains like rice and oats that absorb the nutrients and improve their digestion system.

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Best affordable food for medium and large breed puppies in India

Pedigree Puppy Dry Dog Food- Chicken & Milk

Pedigree Puppy Dry Dog Food is a complete and balanced puppy food for Pugs, Beagle, Labrador, Golden Retriever and German Shepherd puppies. Pedigree Puppy dry food is a wholesome meal packed with the goodness of cereals, chicken, meat and milk. Made with high quality ingredients, Pedigree provides the puppy with 24% protein, 10% fat & 5% dietary fiber that provides stronger immunity and overall development of young puppies.

The formula is packed with essential nutrients that help optimal digestion of nutrients and supports natural defences. The calcium and phosphorous content helps build stronger teeth and bones. It also contains zinc and omega fatty acids that provide healthier skin and coat.

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Best affordable puppy food for all breeds in India

Meat Up Puppy Dog Food

Meat Up Puppy Food is a balanced, energy packed diet to satisfy the nutritional needs of growing puppies of all breeds. Made of essential ingredients like chicken, egg and vegetables, it is highly palatable and supports optimum development of brain and nervous system. It also contains probiotics in its dry formula that help maintain digestive health for puppies. The formula is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that provide balanced nutrition and healthy immunity. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help in maintaining a healthy skin and coat.

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Best food for German Shepherd puppy in India

Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin German Shepherd puppy food is especially formulated for puppies from 8 weeks to 15 months keeping their digestive sensitivity and specific needs in mind. German Shepherd puppies grow quickly. With their large body and high energy levels, they are prone to bone and joint issues as they grow.  They also have sensitive digestive system and alkaline skin, so they are at higher risk of infections and illnesses than adult dogs.

It contains chondroitin, glucosamine and omega 3 fatty acids which help in healthy bone and joint development. It has a combination of nutrients that supports their digestive health and maintains a balanced intestinal flora, while keeping their weight in check. It also supports cartilage formation and has anti-inflammatory actions. The kibble is tailor made keeping in mind German Shepherd’s long, strong muzzle. Its shape, size and texture is designed to make it easy for them to pick up and encourages them to chew.

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We hope this article helped you in finding the best puppy food in India. These cute, cuddly, tiny powerhouses of love need your care and attention. They deserve to have the best puppy food available and it is imperative that you make the right choice. Afterall, you need them as much as they need you.