7 Best Sindoor Brands in India for Married Women


We all must have seen our grandmothers and mothers, passionately putting red powdered sindoor on their foreheads, flaunting their symbol of love towards their husbands. As time changed, the powdered sindoor changed various forms and evolved into more usable and compact forms; but the significance of sindoor remained the same.

The practice of putting sindoor by every married woman has been prevalent since centuries. As per Hindu community, sindoor was used as an indicator of the marital status of any woman. All married woman would use a red hue sindoor along the parting of hair and as a bindi on their forehead, symbolising their married status.

Sindoor was always an integral part of every bride’s vanity. Every married woman’s journey of marriage started with sindoor and it became her everyday essential thereafter.

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In the traditional times, women stored powdered sindoor in their sindoordaanis, and used their fingers to apply it along the partition of their hair. With time it transformed into tube packaging with a stick, which helped in application and prevented the staining of fingers. But powdered sindoor always needed more precision as any wrong move would cause spilling on the face and create more mess. The powdered sindoor was then transformed into stick sindoor with a pointed tip, which resembled a red lipstick. This change made its application easier and avoided any falling of sindoor or spillage. It has now became smudge free and can be easily washed off as required.

Today we have the new advanced liquid sindoor designed to suit the modern woman. It is now available in a liquid form packaged with a sponge tip applicator. It has become trendier and application has become easier. These new age liquid sindoors are available in various shades with glitter or gloss, suited to entice the modern brides. These are often water proof, sweat proof, spillage free and are completely hassle free to apply or store.

Types of Sindoor

With time, sindoor has come a long way. As of now, there are three most common type of sindoor available in India.

Powder Sindoor

Being the oldest form of sindoor, powder sindoor is still prevalent in India. Typically it is stored in decorative containers or sindoordaanis and is applied directly by fingers. However it is also packaged now in tube form, with an inclusive stick that helps in applying it. The problem with powder sindoor is that it spills on face while applying and gets easily smudged.

Stick Sindoor

Stick sindoor is an evolved form that resembles a lipstick. Just like a lipstick, it is creamy in texture and can be easily glided to use. Its pointed tip helps in applying sindoor and avoids any spillage. Stick sindoor is more beneficial than powder sindoor as it stays longer, can be applied in any design and is smudge free.

Liquid Sindoor

Liquid sindoor is the latest creation of sindoor industry. Similar to liquid lipsticks, these come in a tubular packaging with a sponge tip applicator. The sponge tip applicator makes sindoor application effortlessly easy and mess free. Liquid sindoor dries very quickly and stays for a longer time. Moreover it is easy to carry around and takes no time to apply, making it the go to sindoor of every modern Indian woman.

List of  Best Sindoor available in India

Currently there are various brands that offer wide variety of shades and features. It is important to consider your needs and the product specification before buying any product. Ensure that the product you choose is free of any harmful chemicals or does not cause any skin irritation or allergies. Look at the herbal and ayurvedic products available and consider the ingredients before making any decision.

Today we have compiled a list of best sindoors that are safe to use and are worth giving a try.

Lotus Herbals Divine Dew Herbal Sindoor

Lotus Herbals sindoor is enriched with natural botanical extracts, making it one of the best liquid sindoor in the Indian market. It is a completely non-toxic product that contains no mercury and lead in it. It is a skin friendly product that causes no itching or irritation on application, and therefore can be easily used by all skin types on a daily basis. This water and sweat resistant formulation gives a matte finish on drying, and remains intact throughout the day. Available in two shades Love Drop and Rosy Blush; it comes in a liquid form with a sponge tip applicator which makes it easy to use. Just one stroke of this product and you are done for the day.

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Lakme Jewel Sindoor

Lakme jewel sindoor is a naturally formulated chemical free sindoor that is made for scalp protection. This smudge proof liquid solution comes with a sponge top applicator that provides non-dripping, hassle free application. The natural pigments deliver intense colour that do not fade, even after long hours. It comes in two classic shades of red and maroon with subtle hints of golden glitter in it. It is a long lasting and suitable for all skin types and provides good wear ability for daily usage.

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Coloressence Aqua Sindoor

The coloressence aqua sindoor is made up of top quality pigments that are exclusively imported from Germany. This long lasting formula is smudge free and provides matte finish on drying. Made of natural herbal ingredients, this is available in two bright shades red and maroon. It offers the goodness of turmeric as an antiseptic and cooling of sandalwood.  This water proof formula comes in with an easy to use applicator wand. The coloressence aqua sindoor is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily without any skin irritation.

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Keya Seth’s Aromatherapy Aromatic Jewel Sindoor

Keya Seth’s jewel sindoor is made from hundred percent natural ingredients, floral pigments and herbal extracts. It is completely free of mercury, lead or any harmful chemicals and does not cause any skin allergies, baldness or hair fall. It is formulated with gold dust that provides a shimmering effect on application which makes it a great pick for special occasions. This long lasting liquid based sindoor comes with an easy to use sponge applicator and is available in four shades of Red, Maroon, Vermillion and Magenta. 

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Colorbar Cosmetics Sindoor

Colorbar Cosmetics Sindoor is a high pigment liquid sindoor, available in both red and maroon colour. This dermatologically tested solution is formulated without any parabens, allergens, and fragrances.  This liquid sindoor has a rich long lasting colour that doesn’t smudge, fade or crease and is resistant to sweat or water. It comes with a long sponge-tip applicator that makes applying sindoor extremely easy. Colorbar Cosmetics Sindoor is suitable for all skin types and can be safely used on a daily basis.

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Blue Heaven Fashion Sindoor Matte


Blue Heaven Fashion Sindoor Matte is a herbal formulation which is available in two bright shades- red and maroon. This waterproof formula is enriched with exotic herbal ingredients that does not cause any skin irritation and makes it safe for daily usage. This long lasting formulation has subtle glitter look with velvety matte finish. It comes with a doe-foot applicator which makes it spill free and easy to use. Its light easy to use formulation is waterproof and can be used regularly by all skin types.

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Patanjali Herbal Suhag Teeka

Patanjali is known for its ayurvedic proprietary medicinal products. Patanjali Herbal Suhag Teeka is the best herbal sindoor from Patanjali, made with extracts of Rakt Chandan, Manjishta and Kesar. This easy to use sindoor stick is a long lasting, smudge proof formulation that is waterproof and sweat resistant. It comes in a retractable sindoor stick and is available in a single colour pack. This is a completely herbal solution that does not cause any irritation or harm to your scalp and is completely safe product for everyday usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can sindoor be harmful?

Most chemical sindoor contain lead and mercury which are toxic and harmful for the body. Chemically adulterated sindoor can cause hair fall, dandruff issues, itching or skin rash. Hence, it is extremely important to choose the best quality sindoor. Use natural or herbal sindoor which is safe for regular use. Also make sure that there are no harmful chemicals/ingredients in your sindoor.

Does sindoor cause hair loss?

Commercial sindoor may contain toxic elements like red lead and mercury, which are used to prepare the red colour. Apart from other health hazards, these chemicals can cause itching, skin rash or hair fall. Avoid buying low quality sindoor and invest in herbal sindoor or natural sindoor.

Which sindoor is best, powder or liquid?

Liquid sindoor is trendier, mess free and easy to carry and handle; making it a preferred choice of modern young women. Most liquid sindoor come with a sponge tip applicator, which makes sindoor application easy and allows playing with the form or shape. Liquid sindoor is generally waterproof, sweat proof and smudge free. Moreover it comes in different colour options, shades or finishes with glitter, gloss or matte effect. Therefore liquid sindoor is more prevalent and user friendly.

How to remove sindoor stain from clothes?

Mix a little liquid dishwash with some water and rub on the stain. Wash it off with normal water.

Are kumkum and sindoor same?

Generally kumkum is a natural material made of turmeric and lime, used in social and religious purposes. Sindoor is generally used by married women and is made of same ingredients. Although both are quite similar in ingredients, they however are two different things. They vary in texture, formulation and usage and often vary in colour too.

How to apply liquid sindoor?

Liquid sindoor are very easy to apply. Most liquid sindoor come with a sponge tip applicator that is extremely easy to use. They make sindoor application effortless and spill free. Just glide along as you like; make a straight line or a small dot.



Today the society has become more liberal about the age old customs and rituals; sindoor however is adorned by numerous women, as a symbol of their marital bliss. To some it means an age old tradition but to some it is a part of makeup that helps enhance the feminine grace and beauty of any married woman. Some like to experiment with the numerous variants available in the market, while some like to keep it simple.

However you may look at the tradition, we always hope you buy the right product.


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