9 Best Tissue Paper in India

best tissue paper in india

Buying the right tissue paper for your everyday needs is not a herculean task. All you need is a normal looking tissue that can wipe. Right?

And that is where people often make mistake.

A tissue is often required to wipe all the dirt and sweat off your face, dry your wet hands, dust off dirt from various surfaces at home or office and clean your mobiles, laptops or phone screens. And if you think one tissue paper can effectively do all of this, you are mistaking.

Be it a facial tissue or a kitchen cleaning tissue; disinfectant wipe or a table napkin; every tissue should be gentle, soothing, absorbing and easy to decompose. But there are various categories of tissues that are specifically manufactured to fulfil a certain purpose.

And how do you identify which one to buy? This article will help you find the best tissue paper depending on your usage.

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Things to know before buying the best tissue paper

There are certain things that should be clear before we jump onto the best tissue paper brands in India.

Ply count

Tissues generally vary from one ply to four ply, which generally refers to the number of paper layers used. Tissues with a higher ply count are softer, thicker, stronger and more absorbent in nature. It is therefore always advisable to consider the ply count according to your usage need.

Hypoallergenic tissue

If you are someone who has a sensitive skin, it is better to choose hypoallergenic tissues. Hypoallergenic tissues contain minimum allergy producing substances. They contain minimal chemicals, fragrance or irritating elements in it and are therefore great for people with sensitive skin.

Unbleached or chlorine free tissues

 Tissues are bleached to give them the whiteness in colour which means they contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin as well as the environment. It is therefore best to look for unbleached tissues or tissues that use alternative sources to achieve whiteness.

Biodegradable tissues

Regular tissues take months to decompose and often produce harmful gases in this duration. Biodegradable tissues on the other hand are eco-friendly as they can be easily decomposed and take lesser time to break down. Now biodegradability of a tissue may be determined by the material used and the amount of chemicals involved in the manufacturing.

Tissues are generally made of wood fibre or recycled paper which is generally biodegradable. But wood fibre as material means cutting down trees for producing softer tissues. At the same time recycled paper tissues are more environment-friendly but are slightly rough on the skin. It is therefore always better to choose more sustainable products like bamboo fibre tissues that are completely compostable and easily biodegradable.

List of Best Tissue Paper in India

If you search for the best tissue paper in India, you might end up with numerous products with the exact identical features. We have therefore compiled a list that will help you buy the best tissue paper based on your specific needs.

Best Facial Tissue Paper in India

Facial tissues are simply tissues that are suitable to use on the face. They are generally used to wipe your eyes or nose, or cleaning makeup. Facial tissues are made specifically to suit the delicate layers of skin and are therefore extremely soft and delicate. They are gentle in texture so that they do not damage the skin or cause rashes. They are therefore better in paper quality but slightly expensive in comparison to basic tissues.

Solimo 2 Ply Facial Tissues Carton Box

Solimo 2 Ply tissues are soft touch facial tissues that are extremely gentle on the skin and contain no skin irritants. They are highly absorbent and can be easily used in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms or offices.

Key Features

  • Sheet size: 19.5 cm x 20 cm
  • It is made of 100% natural virgin paper.
  • It is free from any optical brightening agents.
  • It contains 100 sheets per pack.

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Beco Eco Friendly Bambooee Natural Facial Tissue Carbox

If you are looking for the best tissue paper for face in India, bamboo tissues can be a great sustainable option. Beco natural facial tissues are made of 100% virgin bamboo pulp and contains no parabens, fragrance, BPA or chlorine. Bamboo tissues contain no toxic elements and are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and more absorbent.

Key Features

  • These are hypoallergenic tissues, perfect for baby care or people with sensitive skin.
  • They are completely compostable and easily biodegradable.
  • These are non-bleached tissues.
  • These are available in both single ply and 2 ply tissue packs.

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Kleenex Facial Tissue



Kleenex is a popular tissue brand that is known for producing high quality facial tissues for more than ninety years. As one of the best tissue paper brands in India, their facial tissues are extremely delicate on the skin and provide you with a soft hygienic touch of luxury.

Key Features

  • Box size: 50 cm x 32 cm x 50 cm
  • It contains 2 ply tissues that are thick and absorbent to lock in moisture.
  • It is great for using on hand and skin.
  • Each pack contains 200 tissues.

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Best Affordable Facial Tissue Paper in India

Facial tissue prices vary depending on the paper quality and ply count. Affordable facial tissues generally use lower paper quality and only have 2 ply. They often use recycled paper to bring down the prices and are slightly less soft than the expensive variants. They however work just like any facial tissue and are completely suitable to use on skin.

Premier Face Tissue

Premier face tissues are made of easy to dispose virgin fibre, making it extra gentle for using on skin. These dry tissues are the best affordable facial tissue option for using at home, office or cars.

Key Features

  • Box size: 27 cm x 22 cm x 11 cm
  • The tissues are made of extra soft absorbent material, suitable for using on skin.
  • Each pack contains 100 pulls of 2 ply tissues.

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Origami Good Karma Face Tissue

Origami good karma face tissues are made of 100% recycled products, making them a great environment friendly choice. The tissues are hygienically cured at 120C and are safe to use on skin.

Key Features

  • The tissues are extremely soft and absorbent for usage on skin.
  • The tissues are unbleached and therefore have negligible chemical usage.
  • Each pack contains 100 pulls of 2 ply tissues.

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Best Tissue Paper Napkins in India

Tissue paper napkins or simply paper napkins are generally used to wipe mouth and hands while eating out at a restaurant or any event. These are generally used to wipe away liquids, oil or any other spills while preparing or eating food and are therefore slightly thicker and more absorbent than other tissues. Unlike normal tissues, they often contain intricate designs and textures to look more appealing. It however helps the liquid to travel between paper fibres and is therefore done to increase the absorption ratio of the tissue.

Eco Stuff Plain Tissue Paper Napkins

Eco stuff tissue paper napkins are large sized table napkins that are perfect for large gatherings, restaurants or household purposes. These are highly absorbent tissue napkins that are hygienic and safe to use on skin.

Key Features

  • Sheet size: 27 cm x 30 cm
  • They are made of 100% virgin fiber.
  • It has extra whiteness in pulp with extra soft texture.

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Ezee Tissue Paper Napkins

Ezee Tissue paper napkins are high quality loose table napkins that are great for events, home or office use. It is hygienic and skin friendly and is made of superior quality material. It can easily absorb oil, water etc. and can be used in home, kitchens, car or office.

Key Features

  • Box size: 20 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
  • It is recyclable, biodegradable and environment friendly.
  • It comes in both 2 ply and 3 ply variant. It is also available in packs of 50 pieces and 100 pieces.

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Best Disinfectant Wipes in India

Disinfectant wipes are generally disposable cleaning wipes that contain antiseptic or antibacterial solution that effectively kill viruses and bacteria, depending on the solution. Disinfectant wipes are generally good for hard surfaces such as mobiles, switches, handles and other surfaces. They may however be usable for your skin or hands too depending on the chemicals it is using, but it is important to read the label carefully before using it for specific purposes.

Neko Germ Protection Aloe Vera Enriched Disinfectant Wipes

Neko germ protection disinfectant wipes are a travel ready pack of 30 wipes, enriched with Aloe Vera. These multipurpose wipes are perfect for protecting your family against unseen germs and bacteria on everyday surfaces.

Key Features

  • Pack size: 44 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm
  • Made of non-woven spunlace fabric that is gentle for the skin.
  • These wipes are completely skin friendly and safe to use on hands.
  • These can also be used for cleaning and sanitising mobile phones, laptops, remote controls, door handles, switches, lift buttons or car/cab door handles.

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Savlon Germ Protection Multipurpose Thick and Soft Wet Wipes

Savlon multipurpose disinfectant wipes effectively removes germs from both skin and surfaces. These wet wipes have a skin friendly pH, making it soft and gentle for the skin.

Key Features

  • Wipe size: 20 cm x 15 cm
  • These can be used on multiple surfaces such as wood, glass, plastic, and marble.
  • They can also be used for sanitising keys, wallets, spectacles, car steering, bike handles etc.

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By now, you might have a clear idea why any tissue is not just a simple tissue.

We hope this article helps you in finding the best tissue paper in India for your everyday routines, be it a facial tissue, disinfectant tissue or a tissue napkin.