Best Oven For Baking 2021 | All you need to know before buying an OTG

oven for baking

Do you crave for cakes and muffins, all day long? Well, all you need is the right oven for baking, and you are sorted. More and more youngsters are getting fascinated with the indulgence of baking at home and have been looking for the perfect oven to bake their dream desserts. If you too are looking for the right oven for baking your dream cake, look no more. This article contains a detailed analysis of all baking ovens available in the Indian market.

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Types of oven for baking

Choosing the right oven for your household can be challenging, especially with the multiple types of ovens available in the market currently.

Baking Oven or OTG

A baking oven or oven toaster grill has heating rods at the base and the ceiling, for heating the food. It cooks food gradually hence giving the browning effect required in baked foods such as pizza and garlic bread.

Microwave Oven

A microwave oven cooks food using microwave radiation. It is suitable for cooking and heating food but is not suitable for baking.

Microwave Convection Oven

A microwave convection oven is the combination of a baking oven (OTG) and a microwave oven in one single unit. You can use it to cook as well as bake food. It uses radiation only to bake food and there is no exclusive rods for baking. Therefore, it is not as good as the OTG for your baking needs. We would recommend you to buy a baking oven (OTG) if you are specifically interested in baking more.

Factors to consider while buying an Oven for Baking

If you are looking to buy something specifically for your baking needs, then best option to buy would be an OTG among the 3 options mentioned above. Here is all factors you need to consider before buying an OTG.

Capacity of the Oven

Baking Ovens (OTG) come in different capacities. In order to buy the correct size for your culinary needs, you can consider following approximation.

  • 10-20 litres : 2-3 people
  • 20-30 litres : 4-5 people
  • 30-50 litres : 5-8 people

Glass Doors

When you are choosing oven for baking, make sure you choose the one with glass door as it will help you keep check on the status of food.


Make sure the baking oven (OTG) comes with warranty of atleast an year.


This is one of the most important feature to consider while buying an oven for baking. Fan helps to bake the food uniformly. Thus it is recommended to buy an OTG with fan in it.


If you are interested in cooking grilled food just like in a tandoor, then an OTG with rotisserie may be useful.

Best Oven For Baking available in India

Now that you are aware of all options to consider before buying an oven for baking, let’s look at the best OTG options available in India. We have analyzed lots of baking oven (OTG) and chosen these 5 as the best based on all the factors mentioned above.

OTG Brand Best Price
Bajaj Majesty 16 ltr
Morphy 40 ltr
Philips 25 ltr
Agaro 21 ltr
Prestige 19 ltr

Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj Majesty is one of the best-selling OTG in India. If you are looking for a smaller capacity OTG, then this may be the right option for you. It is a 16 litres capacity oven with 1200W wattage, perfect for all baking, grilling and toasting requirements. The dimensions for the baking oven are 43.5 x 34 x 32 cms with the inside baking tray measuring 7.5 in. x 9.5 in. at the bottom.

It comes with a powder coated stainless steel body with a heat-isolated door handle which helps in avoiding heat shocks while accessing warm food. It comes with 5 baking accessories like grill tray, baking tray, crumb tray, skewer rods and tongs for baking/ grill tray. It also comes with a rotisserie that can be used to cook grilled food like in a tandoor. It has a 60 minute timer that can be used to auto shut the baking oven.

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Morphy Richards 40 RCSS 40-Litre Stainless Steel Oven Toaster Grill

Morphy Richards is amongst the best, when we talk about higher capacity ovens for baking. This baking oven is made up of a stainless steel body with mirror finish doors and illuminated chamber. It has a capacity of 40 litres and measures 68.6 x 65 x 44.7 cms.

It comes with a 90 minute timer and stay on function that helps prevent food from excessive heating and keeps the food warm and fresh, until it is served, retaining its flavours and freshness. It comes with a 47.5 cm long motorized rotisserie that accommodates large joints of meat and vegetables, grilling them evenly. It comes with an oven toaster grill, baking tray, crumb tray, rotisserie rod set, rotisserie tong, spice holder, wire rack, skewer rod and tongs.

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Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill

Philips digital OTG is the perfect oven for baking; ideal for a family of 4 with a capacity of 25 litres. It measures 46.5 x 37 x 30 cm and weighs around 6kgs. Its compact and classic look with chrome finish knobs are an added enhancement to your modern kitchen aesthetics.

Philips OTG is enabled with 10 customized one touch present menus for healthy and joyful cooking. It has preheat mode that give amazing results for wide variety of Indian recipes. This baking oven is also programmed with the opti temp technology which ensures uniform cooking, leading to higher nutrient retention and uniformly baked cakes and cookies. It comes with a 90 minutes auto cut-off and chamber light. It also includes oven toaster grill, baking tray, grill rack, tong, crumb tray and skewer rods.

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AGARO Premium Grand 21-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

Agaro Premium baking oven is suitable for 3 to 4 people, with a capacity of 21 litres. It comes with a crumb tray, little fork, grill rack and food tray. It measures 42 x 37 x 25 cm with a weight of 6.7 kgs.  

It has a 60 minutes timer and temperature controlling knob for temperatures ranging from 90C to 230C. It comes with four heating rods that are suited for all your baking, toasting and grilling needs. It comes with various heating modes that can be used to suit your requirements like top heating, bottom heating, top and bottom heating, top heating with rotisserie, top heating with convection and top and bottom heating with convection. It also has a cool touch handle that ensures your safety all the time.

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Prestige POTG 19 PCR 1380-Watt Oven Toaster Gril

Prestige OTG comes with a capacity of 19 litres, is suitable to suit the needs of 2 to 3 people. It measures 50 x 36 x 34 cm with a power of 1500 watts, and weighs around 6kgs.  It has a powder coated outer body for durability and full size glass door for better display.

You can easily grill meats and vegetables with the convenient rotisserie function that automatically rotates the food constantly. It provides with a better temperature control of up to 250 degrees and helps in easy identifying of temperature for precise cooking. Also, it comes with a convenient timer switch which sets the system for precise cooking as per the recipe, and consequently saves energy.

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Everyone has been looking for safer options to satiate their food cravings, during this pandemic. And all you need is the perfect oven to bake your crispy cookies, fancy cakes and exotic pizzas. 

Hope this article makes your search easier. Happy baking!